In 2008, a group of marketing executives, IT experts and social scientists created a revolutionary program to combat the rapidly-growing rate of HIV infection in South Africa’s teenage population. The solution, called Shout-it-Now, combined sophisticated behavioral analysis driven by a two-way, social media-based engagement model. It launched an awareness campaign, led by celebrity spokespeople, and it established a community-based education, testing and treatment model. Over the last 10 years, Shout-it-Now educated and tested more than 1.2 million South Africans.Shout-it-Now’s founder, Bruce Forgrieve and co-founder Kathryn Pahl, have teamed up again to take on another health challenge in South Africa. With the most dynamic economy in the world’s most rapidly-developing and most heavily-populated continent, South Africa has produced a thriving middle class. It is a middle class increasingly populated by professionals, scientists, business managers, educators and entrepreneurs, all of whom have worked hard to improve their standard of living. But South Africa’s middle and upper-middle classes lack one important element: the availability of modern 21st century health care that includes screening, education, drug therapies, and maintenance care.