Senior Executive Team

Bruce Forgrieve

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Bruce has founded multiple start-up technology companies in California, including two publicly-held firms. Over the last decade, he served as CFO and VP of Business Development at companies, such as Broadvision and Eloquent, and most recently as CEO of Playback Media and Spotlight Technology. Following his successful launch and scaling of Shout-it-Now, Bruce splits his time between San Francisco and Cape Town, where his passion is preventing the spread of HIV, educating youth and delivering 21st century health care services to South Africa’s rapidly growing middle and upper-middle classes.

Kathryn Pahl

Managing Director

Kathy is well known in the South African social development sector. She headed the social development department at Valkenberg Psychiatric hospital in Cape Town, was the CEO of Epilepsy South Africa, and more recently was a researcher within the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Cape Town, where she investigated the outcomes and impact of HIV and AIDS programmes in South African schools. She has consulted with a number of national non-profit organisations in areas of management and governance and co-founded Shout-it-Now.

Debbie Gebhardt

Marketing & Sales Director

Debbie held various senior marketing roles at premium liquor company Brandhouse (Diageo) before joining Levi Strauss South Africa as Marketing Director in 2006. She brings a wealth of experience in both classic and non-traditional youth marketing, and has successfully launched a number of new brands and brand extensions in South Africa. At Levi’s, she led an award-winning branded philanthropy initiative offering free HIV/AIDS testing in partnership with several NGOs including Shout-It-Now.

William Taylor

Operations Director

William joined HealthTech Express after serving as National Operations Manager at Shout-It-Now, where he implemented mobile HIV testing with multiple teams to test more than 1.1 million clients. He has 20+ years’ experience of Operations Research Science and management of complex operations in top tier firms. With an IT background, he has combined these skills to modernise operations. He previously served as IT Manager and Senior Technical Manager for several companies, including Shout It Now, Rentokil Initial, Open House Information Technology, and the Western Province Blood Transfusion Service and has extensive experience in managing development and support teams.

Takudzwa Mabande

Information Technology Director

Takudzwa is a software developer who studied computer science at UCT, writing his Honours thesis on the application of bio-inspired Artificial Intelligence techniques to classification and prediction. He started his career at NPO Shout-It-Now as a software developer, eventually taking over as the Head of IT. He has worked with various web application technologies, implementing several iterations of S-N’s CRM. He has written software for use in HIV testing, a web-based call centre service, issue tracker, time and attendance system, data migration service, audio auditing platform for QA and automated reporting services. He has worked with various technologies including finger print identification, facial recognition, Web Real-Time Communications, geo-mapping, and cloud technologies and is a highly experienced project manager.

Carine van Heerden

Accounting Director

Carine is responsible for designing and managing the financial and cost accounting systems of HealthTech Express. She oversees company income and expenditure, payroll, asset management and all statutory compliance requirements. Her diverse experience spanning 25 years includes the financial management of several small to medium enterprises, as well as corporate financial accounting, forecasting and reporting for a multi-national group of companies listed on the Australian stock exchange.