About Us


HealthTech Express has developed a revolutionary business model to deliver pharmaceuticals and health care services to growing middle classes in developing nations. This is a $1.2 Billon opportunity in five years based on creating new channels to deliver pharmaceuticals and world-class care outside of understaffed and under-resourced health care systems. In many countries, care is reactive, not preventative, but the emerging middle classes in these countries want – and can pay for – “first-world” medical care that offers the promise of wellness and longevity, not just survival.The company is based in Cape Town and was founded by experts in delivering health care services to underserved South Africans. South Africa is the world’s 27th largest economy thanks to surging middle and upper-middle classes that demand a first-world standard of living. In particular, they want effective drug treatments and medical care that the government-run system, over-burdened by a valiant but costly struggle against HIV/AIDS, does not have the resources or personnel to deliver. The AIDS epidemic has forced high-touch customer service to take a backseat to triaged care. It has also prevented South Africa from building the infrastructure or the logistical expertise necessary to manage a supply chain capable of serving the diverse needs of its middle classes.This is the critical gap in service that HealthTech Express fills.