Our Approach


HealthTech Express conducted a study that included 1,000 participants in three South African provinces. The findings indicated a clear need, desire and willingness in the population – regardless of age, gender, income or race – to pay for effective drug therapies and more advanced medical services than those that are currently available. At the heart of our approach are fixed sites and mobile clinics that focus exclusively on identifying chronic health conditions such as diabetes, HIV, hypertension and high cholesterol. We also provide medication at prices that clients can afford. Each team is responsible for seeing between 150 and 200 patients per day.

HealthTech Express targets the middle class individuals between the ages of 20 and 50, who have disposable incomes above the poverty level and live in urban areas. We deliver our services through a three-stage model that integrates mobility; biometrics; enterprise-class technology; social media, SMS and insightful, targeted marketing; the use of highly-trained frontline medical technicians; and distribution partnerships with the global pharmaceutical industry.

  • Stage I – Screening for Chronic Conditions

    Through the use of population data analysis, we establish a physical presence in areas where demand is likely to be high, we then collect personal health information and use biometric-based tagging to maintain the data we collect. Once diagnoses are made, we send digital videos to the patients’ mobile devices so they can better understand their chronic conditions and learn about their treatment protocols.

  • Stage II – Monthly Chronic Medication

    Through our established relationships in the global pharmaceutical industry and our expertise in using logistics technology to manage complex supply chains, we are able to maintain sufficient local stocks of the world-class drugs that are needed to help our patients manage their conditions.

  • Stage III – Ongoing Monitoring

    Our frontline counselors and nurses communicate daily with doctors and pharmacists, who work out of our call center. Their purpose is to discuss specific cases and personal outreach strategies to ensure that patients adhere to their drug regimens, comply with diet restrictions, follow their fitness programs and honor their check-up schedules.